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It’s not always that your heating system malfunctions, but when it does, you are likely to deal with repairs sooner or later.

If your heater suddenly stopped working and you need an immediate repair, contact us at Ozark Mechanical. We’re your trusted HVAC company in Ladue, MO and nearby areas. We provide quality heating and cooling services to ensure the comfort of every residential and commercial space in Missouri.

What Can Cause a Furnace to Stop Working?


Your heater is on—but where’s the heat?

You probably ask yourself what may be the problem with your heater. Of course, there is a reason for a heater to stop working or not functioning precisely. Some of the reasons may include:

  • Faulty Blower Motor

A blower motor is the one supplying the power to the fan. If damaged, it won’t generate power to make the fan rotate.

  • Damaged Fan

When the fan stopped rotating, it will affect the circulation of the heated air. A damaged fan won’t properly push out air to your ducts and vents—leaving your home with varying indoor temperature.

  • Erroneous Thermostat

Although the thermostat works independently from your heating system, its function is vital to how comfortable your space can be.

A thermostat that’s reading the wrong temperature could mean that the sensor is malfunctioning and getting old or the thermostat is in bad location. If it’s not working as it should, it won’t communicate with your heater effectively.

  • Overstressed Belt

Over usage and compiled dirt can damage the belt. Some HVAC units have a belt in their motors, which is essential in transferring rotational energy to the fan. Call an HVAC service right away if you smell a burning rubber coming from your heater.

Simple Maintenance Tips for Heater Repair

You must get expert help for your HVAC equipment’s repair and maintenance. But do you know that you can also do some care for your heater to function correctly?

Here are some tips you can follow:

Provide enough space for your heater unit. 

Ensure that there are no grass, leaves, and other debris that will obstruct the outdoor unit. For the indoor unit, make sure that there are no furniture and other objects to block it.

Keep your filter clean.

A pile of dirt and dust could restrict the airflow. Dirty filters can also cause low air quality inside your home. You can clean your air filters by washing or changing them at least once a month.

These are just some basic tasks to avoid an early breakage of your heater. It’s better to call the experts for heater repair, especially if you’re not adequately equipped with tools and knowledge to fix your furnace.

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