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Ozark Mechanical is Missouri’s go-to source for high-quality heating and cooling comfort systems. Added to our list of products are Commercial Rooftop Units which are designed to provide optimum, year-round comfort for businesses in Missouri & Southern Illinois. 

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What is a Rooftop HVAC Packaged Unit?

A packaged rooftop unit (RTU) is a type of HVAC equipment that contains all the components, including expansion device, evaporator, compressor, and air-cooled condenser. It commonly found in commercial spaces, especially in industrial and retail buildings.

Packaged rooftop units are typically connected directly to the duct, which distributes the air through the building and returns it to the unit.

Benefits of Installing Rooftop HVAC Packaged Units

Whether you plan to replace your old commercial HVAC system or upgrade to a more efficient equipment, one option you may find appealing is a rooftop packaged unit. Here’s why you should install the unit in your building:

Air Quality Advantages
Humidistat is an excellent addition to rooftop units. This feature offers humidity control to help you manage the humidity level inside the building. You can also add more ventilation options with rooftop units, keeping the air clean, fresh, and breathable.

High-Energy Performance
Rooftop HVAC packaged units come with different additional features to help consumers control indoor temperature and lower utility costs. Also, it comes with high SEER and AFUE ratings which help lower your energy usage.

Reduced Operational Noise
It’s no secret that systems installed in commercial buildings have to be huge to keep up with employees’ comfort demands. However, having a large unit comes with a consequence—an annoying noise.

With rooftop packaged units, a loud, disturbing operational noise is not a problem at all. They can work with minimal sound, thus reducing disturbance while people are at work.   

Less Maintenance
Since packaged units are installed on your roof, they can be easily accessed by your maintenance contractor or technicians during the service. This also makes it more convenient on your part since your daily operation isn’t disrupted as the service goes on.

Saves You More Space
RTU is housed on your roof, and all its components are found in a single place, which saves you more space. Unlike their standalone counterparts installed indoors, rooftop packaged units help optimize areas, so you can use them as a workspace, storage, or anything you want.


High-Performance Rooftop HVAC Units from Ozark Mechanical

Featuring different ton capacities, our commercial rooftop HVAC package units are designed to provide solutions to all your comfort needs. These products have flexible heating and cooling solutions, low operating costs, and are easy to install. Modern and high-efficiency control has never been this easy with our rooftop HVAC units. Plus, these products come with advanced features to deliver exceptional comfort for your commercial building.

Ozark Mechanical carries a broad range of ENERGY-STAR certified systems to help curb your energy consumption and achieve exceptional indoor air quality. We are a proud YORK dealer, and we offer factory-direct pricing with industry-leading warranties. When you need best-of-class installation, repair, and maintenance of these systems for your commercial space, you can count on us for the job.

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