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Once the temperature drops and the cold weather starts to settle in, you’ll probably be checking your heating system. If you haven’t had your tune-up yet, chances are you’ll be running into all sorts of problems.

Annual maintenance should be your priority once the seasons change. Although, there are some things you can do on your own before you book an appointment with a technician. Some problems may be really simple to solve, and you may end up feeling silly for calling a repair company at the first sign of trouble.

Here are five things you can resolve before consulting a technician for heating repair in Creve Coeur, MO:

5 Things to Check Before Calling For Heating Repair


Replace the Filters

Filters that haven’t been changed or cleaned in a long time restrict the flow of fresh air into the furnace. Filters should be replaced every 1 to 2 months, so check the manufacturer’s directions and try to remember when you last changed your filter. If you’ve replaced your filter recently, clean out any dirt that might have accumulated.

Check the Thermostat

If the thermostat isn’t set to “heat,” that could be causing the faulty heating. Check the temperature setting to see if it’s set with the temperature you want (make sure it’s set to the degree that’s higher than your indoor temperature, then make sure the furnace is activated. 

Make Sure Air is Coming Out of the Vents

Air grills and registers blocked by furniture, leaves, and debris will not operate properly. Go outside, check the air intake pipe, and remove anything that may block the air intake vent.

Check the Power Supply

The power supply can include a circuit breaker or a wall switch next to the unit. You may have mistaken the switch for a regular light switch (make sure you label it clearly next time to avoid more problems) and turned it off. 

Check the Fuel Supply

Have you consulted with your gas company? A gas furnace check may show that you’re running low on fuel or the gas service has been terminated. Sometimes this may indicate a more severe problem because gas companies will turn off the supply once they detect a leak. Look at the meter for a red tag or see if there’s a lock on the gas valve leading up to the meter. If there’s a leak and you start smelling something odd, call a technician immediately.

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