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Nothing’s more frustrating than dealing with a malfunctioning air conditioning system during a midday summer heat. Most homeowners rely on their cooling equipment in the summer to combat the energy-draining, intense heat.

Good thing, Ozark Mechanical offers professional A/C repair services in Creve Coeur, MO to get your system back up and running again.

Have you noticed lately that your electricity bills are skyrocketing? Keep reading to find out why it’s happening.

Why is My Electricity Bill Unusually High?

If you’re using an air conditioner for a long time already, we’re sure you’re used to high electricity bills. However, what if it becomes unusually higher than usual? Air conditioning systems utilize a lot of electricity, but if your cooling equipment’s efficiency levels went down, it could cause high utility bills. Here are other reasons why your air conditioning system is causing it.

Leaking Ducts

Your ductwork distributes air throughout your home. It’s a significant component of your cooling system in terms of efficiency because it delivers the cooled air of your comfort system.

When a duct leak happens, it reduces your system’s capacity to deliver the air and meet your thermostat’s demands, making it run harder and longer. A cooling unit that runs longer while failing to achieve the results will cause high electricity bills.

Low Refrigerant

To move heat and eliminate it from the building, air conditioners and heat pumps use refrigerants. Low refrigerant levels can prevent your unit from effectively removing heat. If your units are running low, your bills will rise because the unit will have to operate harder to meet the thermostat’s demands.

Low refrigerant is more certainly due to a leak. Contact an expert right away to resolve the problem.

Lack of Maintenance

Having an HVAC professional inspect the home’s air conditioning system will help improve your system’s reliability while still avoiding potential breakdowns. Since the technician provides all of the maintenance required to guarantee your system’s high efficiency, it’s known as one of the easiest ways to avoid high energy bills.

The technician may suggest cleaning the coils, removing a capacitor or motor, installing a surge protector, a complex start package, vent sealing, and perhaps purchasing a programmable thermostat.

Old System

If your cooling equipment is too old to function, it’s likely inefficient. The maximum SEER ranking back in the day was just 10, and after years of operating in the hot summer sun without repair, your air conditioner might become too costly to operate. We recommend replacing your system with the latest in the market to make use of its advantages.

Failing Parts

An increase in electric bills can result from failing parts of your cooling system, such as motors, capacitors, and compressors. Your A/C will be less effective in cooling your home due to the reduction in output caused by a failed component.

For example, if the condenser motor on your condenser fails and you attempt to cool your house, the motor would not be able to drain heat from your home effectively.

Incorrect Installation

It’s possible that your system wasn’t correctly installed. Your contractor might have picked the wrong size of system for your home, causing it to short cycle and turn on and off often. This results in high electric costs because air conditioners use the most electricity when they first turn on, and they become more efficient when the initialization time is shortened.

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Our top-quality repair solutions, along with licensed professionals in Creve Coeur, MO, will ensure your A/C will cool your home again in no time!

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