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At Ozark Mechanical, we have top skilled air conditioning technicians that can provide you the best commercial A/C installation in Ladue, MO. From individual units to multi-level properties, we got you covered.

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Why Choose Ozark Mechanical

Small-scale and large-scale air conditioning projects all look the same to us. At Ozark Mechanical, we got it in the bag.

  • We know what we have to do with systems in place. It’s our goal to meet and exceed your needs and requirements.
  • We guarantee that we are only using superior quality products as we have access to an extensive range of international distributors and manufactures to ensure that your air cooling system is of top-notch performance and functionality.
  • We have a highly trained and skilled team with years of experience in the air cooling industry that has also worked with different models and leading brands.

It is crucial that after A/C installation in Ladue, MO, you maintain your air conditioning system the whole season so that you won’t ever have to deal with the extreme heat during hot seasons. If you observe that your air conditioning system isn’t performing at peak levels or is not cool enough, you would need a technician to check your air cooling system right away.

There are different air conditioning units to choose from, and we will help you determine the right type that fits your space and needs. No air conditioning system is equal, so you would have to find your match. Make this a priority because these appliances should keep you comfortable and relaxed all day or night long, even when the outside temperature is scorching and unpleasant.

A/C Installation Steps and Removal of Old System

  • Removal of Old System. If you have an old air cooling system installed, it must be removed before installing a new one, especially if you will be using the same model. The first step would be to clean the area and keep it protected. Removal of the old air conditioning system is performed.
  • Cooling Infrastructure Evaluation. Once the old air cooling system is removed, our technician will perform a complete checkup or assessment of your commercial space cooling infrastructure. This checkup is done to see problems like duct leaks that should be treated right away because they can impact your performance new air conditioning system. If there are issues spotted, then you would be notified before these are fixed.
  • Installation of the New Air Cooling System. If the hookups are all the same, then there would be fewer adjustments for installing your new air conditioning unit. All your electrical connections would be checked to install new ductwork or electrical connections. A refrigerant would also be added depending on manufacturer specifications.
  • Testing of New Air Conditioning System. Once installed, our technicians will test the unit to ensure that everything is working perfectly fine and according to the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Installation of Thermostat. Upon installation of your new A/C system, the thermostat would also be installed. However, you can always keep your old thermostat and make sure that it’s all compatible and working well.
  • Final Checking. After the air conditioning system is installed, our professional technicians will give it a last do-over. We would also provide you instructions on how you can do basic maintenance tasks and how often it’s done. More so, you can always schedule a maintenance service for your air conditioning system to ensure that it can withstand the test of time.

We understand how air cooling systems are critical to your performance, functionality, and comfort – that is why we make sure to provide you top-caliber A/C installation in Ladue, MO.

For a free estimate or to schedule installation, you can call us right now at 636-317-1234 at Ozark Mechanical. We proudly serve Central Missouri and Greater St. Louis Metropolitan areas.




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